Welcome to the Safety Management Suite API Portal

The J. J. Keller Safety Management Suite solution has been built with API and data connectivity in mind. Our API's are available to anyone with a Corporate or Teams subscription.

What framework are your APIs built on?

Our APIs are built around Microsoft’s flexible Entity Framework, which enables rapid migration and Code First development on a case-by-case basis.

What are my options for APIs?

We have a unique API constructed for some of the major feature sets within the J. J. Keller® SAFETY MANAGEMENT SUITE. This robust command tree makes it easy to transfer employee data, location data, audit data, and more, and also allows for ongoing concurrency between users.

Are there any separate charges for setup?

No. Plus, we offer competitive pricing with low monthly fees to cover each API selected.

API Products/Methods

Our API products can be leveraged to get data from specific features in or out of Safety Management Suite. Our API's can be utilized to run Post, Get, Pull, and Delete functions.

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